Your account can have one or more mobile phone numbers registered with Keep&Share in your Email Settings. Once registered, Keep&Share uses  these numbers to communicate to you. You can choose what kinds of text alerts and notifications that you want to receive.

To protect your account security, each new phone number must be “verified” by Keep&Share sending you a message and you replying to the message -- thereby proving that the registered number is accurate and belongs to you.

Verification of Mobile Numbers

Mobile numbers can be added to your email settings, allowing Event Reminders, To Do Reminders, and other Keep&Share messages to be sent to your mobile phone. To ensure that your new mobile number is correct and working, you must verify it when it is first added. Follow these steps:

  1. Add your mobile number.
  2. A verification text message is sent by Keep&Share from its server “” to your new mobile number.
  3. Look for a text message from and reply with the word “confirm.”
  4. You are finished with mobile number verification on your account!

If the verification message does not arrive at your phone, visit email settings and double check that you entered the correct mobile phone number. If so, resend the verification message.

Problem: Confirms are not recognized. Some mobile phone systems allow you to have a different reply address than your mobile number. E.g., you receive text messages as “,” but when you send out reply text messages they have the address “”

Test: Use your normal email program to send a very short email to your cell phone’s email-to-txt address, e.g., email yourself at

  • If you did not receive the test text message on your phone, ask your phone provider to help you learn how your phone can properly receive emails as text messages.
  • If you did receive the message on your phone, then reply to it with a short message such as “reply” or “test.” Do you receive this “test” reply back in your email program? If so, make sure that the “From” email address that your phone sends is the same as the cell phone's email-to-txt address, e.g., email yourself at

Solution: Check your “send back” address for your mobile phone text messages. In order for Keep&Share to recognize your “confirm” reply, your text message replies must have the same address as you enter into Keep&Share to send the text messages. Change the configuration of your account if necessary, and make sure that the text message cell number you give Keep&Share matches the one that will be used in any “confirm” replies to Keep&Share.

If your “send back” address does not match because one phone number has a leading “1” and the other does not have the leading “1,” please contact Keep&Share support for help.

Manual Option

If you are unable to get your cell phone to receive and reply correctly, you can try using the manual configuration option “My carrier is not listed” in the Email Settings screen.